Patient’s Bill of Rights

Specialized Medical Center Hospital staff is committed of providing you with excellent medical and nursing care.

We believe that outstanding patient care begins with the establishment of a partnership between the patient (and his or her family) and the staff at SMCH. The following are the Patient’s Rights:

SMCH patients can expect:

  • To receive compassionate, culturally sensitive and respectful care in a clean, safe and friendly environment.
  • To be cared for by qualified competent and caring staff.
  • To be seen by their attending physicians within 24 hours of admission and on a regular basis thereafter.
  • To be kept fully informed of their diagnosis, treatments plans, possible significant complications or side effects and required follow up treatment.
  • To receive all necessary information to allow informed consent to be given for any proposed procedure or treatment.
  • To be able to comment on and discuss the care and services they are receiving.
  • To be informed of the effect on the health of the patient if the patient refuses treatment.
  • To be assured of privacy and confidentiality with regard to medical and social information.
  • To be provided with adequate translation services as needed.
  • To be discharged as recommended by their attending physicians with appropriate medication, follow up appointment, and required instruction/education for care at home.
  • To be provided with a medical report that includes all pertinent information regarding the medical condition of the patient, results of studies performed, surgical or other procedures done, the course in hospital and discharge diagnosis, status of the patient and discharge orders.
  • To be provided with a copy of their discharge summary orders to facilitate follow-up by their physician or at another health institution if needed.
  • To be provided, if requested, with a statement documenting their hospitalization.