Lab & Histopathology

The SMCH Laboratory serves the diagnostic demands of tertiary referral clinic and hospitals, as well as the community-based healthcare providers.

As a comprehensive reference laboratory, performing a broad spectrum of tests from routine to esoteric, the SMCH Laboratory serves physicians and patients throughout the Kingdom. We utilize sophisticated equipment and “cutting-edge” technologies, some are introduced only recently in premier laboratories of North America and Europe. As a comprehensive laboratory, it performs virtually all diagnostic tests that medical practitioners need for quality treatment of their patients. The SMCH Laboratory is headed by highly qualified and experienced pathologists and consultants who are continuously available to answer any question.

Mayo Clinic, USA

Our Lab provides clinical services in many disciplines. To help fulfill these services, Mayo Medical Laboratories, the reference laboratory for Mayo Clinic, USA, provides testing and consultative support.

Anatomic Pathology

  • Cytopathology provides evaluation of cells.
  • Histopathology provides evaluation of tissues obtained during surgeries or endoscopic procedures.

Clinical Services

The SMCH Lab is a full service Laboratory with the ability to perform a wide spectrum of tests.

Clinical Chemistry

In clinical chemistry, medical technologists utilize cutting edge technology to test various specimens for chemical substances.

Hematology & Blood Bank

This section performs counting and identifying blood and bone marrow cells, monitoring blood clotting factors, analysis of body fluids and assessment of immune system.

Blood Bank collects blood from donors, screens for diseases, separates the components and checks the compatibility with the recipient.


This section is responsible for detecting and identifying diseases caused by microorganisms from various clinical specimens.


This section processes stool specimens, urine specimens, and with results available on same day.

Mobile Laboratory Service

The SMCH Laboratory offers a Mobile Laboratory Services where highly trained phlebotomist call on patients unable to come to our laboratory facility.

Our commitment is to bring quality laboratory testing to the doorstep of our patients when and where they need it.