Our Nursing

The Nursing Department provides a warm and caring environment for patients, their families and friends

who require assessment and management of their individual symptoms and needs as well as providing support for families, friends. Nursing units are designed primarily as a way of providing optimal, developmentally appropriate care for hospitalized patients meeting their unique physical and psychosocial needs. These units serve a diverse Medical and Surgical patient population, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Oncology specializing in Chemotherapy administration, Day case surgeries on Urology, ENT & Ophthalmology case & hemodialysis unit.

The nursing department mission statement is: “The patient always comes first”

  • “We believe in providing quality nursing care to our patients in a safe friendly
  • environment. We believe in the recruitment and retention of highly qualified staff
  • dedicated to maintaining a high standard of competence through continuing education
  • The Nursing Department focuses on the patient and the family, continually striving for
  • quality care for the family as a unit.  The philosophy not only provides continuing
  • challenges to the nurse’s skill but also provides personal rewards when the complexities
  • of care have been managed.

Scope of Service

Provision of high standard individualized patient-focused nursing care for patients categorized under tertiary care eligibility through a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals with specific expertise on;
Comprehensive assessment and prevention of symptoms and early detection of potential illness through diagnostic procedures and examinations.

  • Timely, safe and effective treatments as required to alleviate symptoms and restore
  • quality of life
  • Hospital based medical and surgical treatments for patients needing acute care
  • and intervention.
  • Health maintenance services in dedicated facilities and a community-based, full
  • service network of rehabilitation and home care services for frail, older people and
  • people with physical disabilities and hospital and community based convalescent,
  • rehabilitation and palliative nursing care services.


Care is delivered using total patient care, primary nursing and a team approach.  This is designed with the patient’s individual needs counting utmost. The units are staffed with RNs. The Head Nurse manages the units as a whole accepting accountability for its management. Each unit has a Charge Nurse who oversees the delivery of patient care. Each nurse is responsible and accountable for the care she/he delivers. Staffing mix and patient ratios are determined for each unit for each 12-hour period using budgetary parameters in association with acuity data and bed census.  The Nursing Supervisor on bleep holder adjusts staffing patterns using predetermined criteria for special circumstances.
The designated senior staff for each shift completes the nursing allocation for patient care.  These allocations reflect the degree of staff supervision required, the patients needs, technology and unit specific design.  Allocation utilizes all policies and procedures for Nursing Services and the Nursing unit.  The RN responsible for making these patient assignments is familiar with these policies and procedures.


Head Nurse, Charge Nurse, Staff Nurse

  • Current License
  • BLS provider or ACLS (mandatory in critical care areas, optional elsewhere)
  • Chemotherapy Certification for Oncology unit staff
  • Hemodialysis Training and Certification for Dialysis unit
  • Mandatory education on disasters (fire and safety)
  • Tested competency

Maintenance of Staff Competency

  • Monthly staff meetings
  • In-Service continuing education program
  • Orientation checklist and programs on probationary period
  • Self Assessment report and evaluation annually
  • Staff are required to have annual case presentations and lectures
  • Annual competency testing
  • Trainings and seminars from teaching universities and allied tertiary government hospitals
  • Daily grand rounds to assess and address specific flaws and deficiencies in the delivery
  • of nursing care

Required Competencies

  • Adult and Pediatric Physical Assessment skills
  • IV Therapy
  • BLS training
  • First Line Management Workshop for HN and CN
  • Surgical and Medical Asepsis
  • Vital signs taking and recording



Our Nursing