Credit Authorization Department (C.A.D.)

Growing cost of contemporary medical care is inevitable, and increasingly becoming a burden for employers to provide medical care for their employees.

This represents a potential opportunity for the medical sector to be a part of this challenge by providing quality care at an affordable price for insurance company’s clients.

For this, the idea of establishing C.A.D. has been brought to life, it is generated to be as liaison officer between the hospital and the third party payer.

For more Information:

For more information about credit authorization Dept, eligibility of treatment, or you have any inquiry regarding your pre-approval requests, kindly contact the business office during working hours at:

01-4343866 (direct line)


01-4343800 (listen to the greeting instructions to reach the insurance center)


01-4343800 , dial 6 for extension , then dial extension 3866

, or send an Email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it