Human Resources Department

We HR Department look upon ourselves as a support  function for the SMCH in all aspects of Administration.

Taking care of the most important asset Human resources, is indeed an essential task, since everything SMCH does in Medical field, depends on the people working here.

Our Values – Committed to SMCH and its employees by consistently providing excellent service. Taking responsibility and accountability for our actions/decisions

Our Goals:

  • To maintain complete information on SMCH employees in a manner which is protects
    the confidentiality concerns of SMCH employees and is consistent with HR Act

  • To promote positive, co-operative labor-management relationships, through
    management communication, and adjustment of grievances.

The Mission of the HR Department is to provide effective HUMAN RESOURCES SERVICES to SMCH Management. Maintain compliance with all regulations and to administer all HR policies and procedures. HR Department is charged with the Administration of the SMCH’s classification and compensation systems. This is accomplished through the following:

  1. Labor relations,
  2. Policy and procedure development
  3. Recruitment and hiring
  4. Maintain all employee files with utmost confidentiality
  5. Employee assistance programme
  6. Employee orientation,
  7. Salary and benefits administration
  8. Monitor employee performance evaluations, ensuring that supervisors
    upcoming evaluations due, review evaluations and compare the file
  9. To administer a system for employees to protest and appeal disciplinary action
    and grievance procedure
  10. Attendance and leave records of all employees
  11. Law compliance

The HR Department is responsible for the overall strategic functions of staff. We provide the Management with statistics, analyses, policy suggestions etc. and is continuously developing personnel strategies. The Director of HR is also the employer’s negotiator handling situations in accordance with the co-determination act.


The HR Department in conjunction with other Departments, reviews , job descriptions, places advertisements, checks resumes and applications for employment, and sets up interview panels to screen prospective job applicants, When employees consider leaving the SMCH EMPLOYMENT , THE HR Department ascertains the reasons and tries to retain highly qualified employees within SMCH


Human Resources Department