Critical Care

The critical care unit is a state-of-the art unit

An entire floor has been allocated as an Intensive Care Unit for patients requiring thorough medical treatment . It consists of thirty (30) fully equipped beds, ten (10) of which are used for patients requiring Coronary Care .

The acute care unit with its different sections is a modernly equipped unit staffed by well-trained physicians from different specialties and highly trained nurses to look after acutely ill patients with different diseases, cardiac, respiratory, trauma and post surgical etc.

The unit has facilities for bedside and central monitoring of ECG, Blood Oxygen, Blood Pressure, and Venous Pressure etc.

The unit is fully equipped for artificial ventilation of patients with respiratory failure and other conditions needing artificial ventilation. The steps down beds are for patients recovering from acute illness in ICU and before they can be moved from ICU to the general ward.


Critical Care