Skin & Cometic Surgery

Fillers Injections ( aesthetic injections to reshape the face ):

Injection of safe synthetic materials under the skin to reduce wrinkles enhances sunken cheeks, augment lips and treat facial scars.The filler type is determined according to the body area, depth of the wrinkles or scars and volume needed. It is easy painless in-clinic procedure.

Botox Ingections:

One of the most effective and easy treatments for wrinkles, eye brow lifting and excessive sweating in axillary and plam.


A superficial injection under the skin that removes cellulite, tightens skin , treats hair loss, as will as rejuvenates skin.

Self-Fat Injections / Lipolysis:

This procedure is achieved by removing fat from body areas such as abdomen or thighs and reinjecting it to areas that needs volume.


Skin & Aesthetic (Retrieve)