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SMCH In-Patient Pharmacy Department: A Journey to Progress


In alignment with SMCH’s Mission and Vision, a new Pharmacy Department was established with the aim to deliver Quality, Safe and Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Service. Spearheaded by Dr. Razia Salman Khan, Head of Pharmacy Department and with the help and support of SMCH Senior Management and Administration, a new Department was born.

In 2nd of April 2008, the new In-Patient Pharmacy Department opened its doors to serve the patients of Specialized Medical Center Hospital. From the crammed space in the basement of Tower 1, the new SMCH Pharmacy Department transferred to the First Level, West Wing section of the hospital where it is more accessible to all staff and patients.

From a simple dispensing area, the In-Patient Pharmacy Department has evolved to a fully functional hospital Pharmacy dedicated to serve the growing and complex medication needs of SMCH patients. Safe, Cost Effective Drug Therapy and achieving optimum patient outcome is their premier goal.

Professional Service, 24/7

Today, SMCH Pharmacy Department is working as per the Canadian Standard with the standard facilities required in a hospital pharmacy to be able to provide Quality Pharmaceutical Care. The department boasts of its two newly acquired Safety Cabinets from Baker Company for their aseptic preparations, Pre-packing Machine and their automated labeling system. Medication Trolleys were also provided to all In-Patient Units for the safe transport and delivery of medications.
In-Patient Pharmacy Unit is operational 24 hours/day, 7 days a week with 20 qualified and professional staff to provide round the clock Pharmacy Service to all Patient Care units. This service includes IV, Chemotherapy and TPN preparations (all prepared aseptically under the Safety Cabinets), Unit Dose Dispensing, Control & Narcotic Medication Section, Pharmacy Store and Drug Information Center.

Furthermore, the Pharmacy Department has two QI Patient Safety Initiatives at work such as Medication Reconciliation and Reducing Harm from High Alert Medications. Medication Management and Medication Usage Evaluation are also Pharmacy programs that are in its initial stages. Quality Improvement Department, Nursing and other units are in collaboration with the Pharmacy Department to launch the said projects successfully.

Excellent Leadership and Management Support

The Pharmacy Department is committed to provide the highest standard of care to their patients and to sustain the growth of the department by their continuous Performance Improvement Plan. Under the leadership of Dr. Razia Salman Khan and with the help and support of the SMCH Management, the department continues to pursue higher goals for their development and success. Her passion for work and clear vision is the driving force behind these accomplishments. She is currently planning for future developments with the vision to be the Center for Excellence in Pharmaceutical Care in the Kingdom.

Aside from being the Department head, she is also setting a good example to all Pharmacy Staff by motivating them to improve their skills by continuous learning. Coming from diverse cultures and background, she encourages the staff to develop unity and team work by frequent interaction. Open communication among Pharmacy staff and with other units was developed to encourage teamwork and foster growth.

Today, Pharmacy staff are united in achieving their goal to be the best providers of Pharmaceutical Care.  They are highly motivated to realize the goals and standards set forth – that is to meet and exceed patient’s expectations in providing Quality Pharmaceutical Service. With the unwavering support of the SMCH Management and their continued pursuit for excellence, it will not be surprising in the near future to hear that SMCH Pharmacy is the best operating Private Hospital Pharmacy in the Kingdom.

Specialized Medical Center Hospital
Pharmacy Department


A.    To provide comprehensive Pharmaceutical Services that will yield safe and cost effective drug therapy and achievement of optimal patient outcomes.
B.    To support training program.
C.    To assist in disease prevention.


To be the best possible Pharmaceutical Center in the area for excellent Pharmaceutical Care and training.


A.    All Pharmacists should have commitment to the comprehensive Pharmaceutical Patient Oriented Services in all fields of Pharmacy Practice.

B.    All should work on improving the service to meet and exceed customer needs. Customer satisfaction is a premier goal.

C.    Quality Service is our responsibility to each and every patient.

D.    It is responsibility of everyone to disseminate knowledge, information and skill to ensure innovation of our Departmental Personnel and thus serve by fostering ideas and providing feedback.

E.    All must exhibit positive and professional attitude by showing respect for colleagues, patients and community.


Providing effective leadership to the pharmacy workforce to ensure that Hospital achieves its objective of delivering the highest possible standards of clinical practice and patient centered care, optimizing utilization of leading edge information systems and automation to achieve efficient functioning of the area.
Ensuring that the SMCH Hospital Pharmacy achieves its aim of providing a comprehensive, efficient and timely Pharmaceutical Service to meet the needs of in-patients, outpatients and clinical staff.
Undertaking the training and skills development necessary to support the implementation and maintenance of the information systems, traveling as required to participate in training activity outside or within Saudi Arabia.
Ensuring all policies and procedures relevant to the area are implemented and maintained, contributing to or leading further policy development and review.
Managing staff and services efficiently and effectively, ensuring that at all times the department is appropriately staffed for workload, with the correct skill mix. Participating in recruitment activities as necessary.
Assessing staff competence, developing and implementing effective ‘on the job’ training in the department. Orientating staff to the hospital, their area and roles.
Establishing efficient and effective stock control systems, ensuring that all dispensing and stock management is correctly and accurately undertaken and recorded, monitoring stock levels and utilization reports, reporting and investigating discrepancies.


The department is committed to using the knowledge, skill and experience of its staff to provide proficient and comprehensive services and promote the highest standards of patient care.

Scope of Services
The Department of Pharmacy is responsible for the following primary functions:
•    Acquiring, distributing, and storing medications
•    Interpreting physician drug administration orders
•    Preparing medications
•    Preparing parenteral solutions
•    Labeling drug products
•    Dispensing medications
•    Assisting in selecting drug therapy
•    Assisting in monitoring drug therapy
•    Assisting in counseling patients
•    Providing drug-related information
•    Maintaining the drug formulary
•    The development of policies concerning the storage, distribution and use of medication in the institution
•    Assisting in drug usage, evaluating, and taking actions to improve pharmacy services
Important Aspects of Care
•    Unit dose distribution of medication
•    Emergency drug distribution
•    Preparation and distribution of sterile intravenous medication
•    Provision of outpatient pharmacy services
•    Provision of clinical pharmacy services

Department Standards
Standards and policies include administrative, infection control policies, departmental policies consistent with MOH regulations relative to medication use.
Policies and procedures are approved through the hospital's Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.
Department Staffing
Staffing is determined by hours of operation, patient need, peak volume times and through approved budgeted positions.
Staff Competencies
All Pharmacy Department employees must attend mandatory in-services annually. Staff Pharmacist and Technicians are required to complete competency/credential evaluations during orientation and on an annual basis. All Staff Pharmacist must be licensed to practice pharmacy. Sixty hours of continuing education are required every three years to maintain licensure. Educational in-services are provided within the Department that is deemed pertinent to their job functions and responsibilities

Pharmacy Services

SMCH Pharmacy Department offers its services 24hours a day and 7 days a week throughout the year. It provides following services.

1.    In patient dispensing – Unit Dose Drug Distribution
2.    Chemo, IV & TPN admixture
3.    Extemporaneous preparation
4.    Control and Narcotic Drugs Dispensing
5.    Ward stock dispensing
6.    Drug and poison Information services