Finance Department Goals:

  • To safeguard company’s assets
  • To develop and administer internal financial progress and procedures in accordance with over all company’s policies and objectives.
  • To ensure proper and effective handling of company accounting functions including the keeping of the financial records and accounts, accounting matters related to reporting costing and allocation of overhead expenditures.

Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Administration of the financial affairs of the hospital through the separate offices of accounts and financial control.
  • Ensure of cash flow projection, by a planned program for forecasting estimated cash receipts by various classes and budgeting cash disbursements according to the obligations and requirements of the business for a specific future period.
  • Prepare a cash inflow/outflow budget : Assuring availability of cash to meet maturing obligations, knowing that the operating/non operating cash generation statement provides a convenient means for identification and analysis of both current and long range financial requirements over a period of years.

We believe that the cash inflow/outflow budget is a modern-dress version of the traditional cash receipts – disbursements statement. It provides for month-to-month analysis of actual cash movements and highlights short term financing sources and needs.