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Why Us

The well-being and health of each and every person is very precious and should be guarded and protected. Over the years the preventive & therapeutic health care services being delivered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have developed and advanced to the highest levels of international health care standards.


Qualified Doctors

The clinics are staffed by hundreds of doctors, most of them are consultants in all specialties, where these doctors combine high efficiency with the provision of integrated care to patients, making them a distinguished scientific reference in the medical sector in the Kingdom. They are supported by more than 2500 nurses and technicians and support staff.

24 hours a day

Emergency Support

Our Emergency Units are ready to receive all types of adult and pediatric cases around the clock. The Emergency Units are equipped with advanced medical equipment and expert medical staff to deal with all critical cases which include trauma and surgeries, and medical case for both pediatrics and Adult.. The Emergency department is supported by Laboratory, Radiology and pharmacy that are available around the clock.


Years of experience

Over 2 decades in the field of therapeutic health care services. We have worked hard to ensure the highest quality and level of services are provided to our patients. This dedication and customer focused vision has allowed SMC Hospitals to become one of the leading health care centers in Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.


Happy Patients

SMC hospitals are dedicated to improve the community health by delivering quality and value-priced healthcare services.

24 hours a day

Hours Service

We have a staff of the highest level of skill and accuracy and works around the clock to serve patient in organizing detection, consulting, scheduling at specific and accurate times, reviewing medical records and providing disclosure of the cost of treatment.


Hospital Rooms

Our rooms are fully furnished and equipped with the most convenient items to insure a healthy and comfortable staying to our patients and their visitors.

Message from CEO

Dr. Khaled Al Sebaiay

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Khaled Al Sebaiay Chief Executive Officer The shareholders, management and dedicated employees of SMC are proud to reach another successful year in the field of therapeutic health care services. Over these years we have worked hard to ensure the highest quality and level of services are provided to our patients. This dedication and customer focused vision has allowed SMC hospitals to become one of the leading health care centers in the heart of Riyadh. As a symbol of Trust in health care, we have achieved a professional and friendly environment for our patients. Each member of our staff makes it a priority to ensure your visit or stay with us is as comfortable as possible. This great achievement is a credit to our qualified, skilled and internationally trained physicians, nurses and support staff. To further ensure our patients are provided with the best treatment possible, our dedicated teams of professionals are supported with the latest and most advanced equipment and health service systems available. We look forward to being of service to you. Yours truly,

Clinical Departments

SMC Out Patient clinics is comprised of as many as 250 clinics. This reflects our commitment to offer patients an ever-evolving choice of specialized medical services from 9:00AM to 09:00PM.

Medical Specialties

The provision of specialized diagnostic and therapeutic services to cover most... more

Ancillary Services

This section evaluates patient health status and appropriateness of ... more

Surgical Units

Minor and major operating rooms performing microscopic & ... more

Critical Care

The critical care units are state-of-the art areas for patients requiring ... more


Our Dental units are made up of 20+ clinics equipped with latest dental ... more

Cosmetic Center

Recognizing that personal appearance is intrinsic to a healthy sense of.. more


Find and download our app, you can book clinic appointment , or a virtual appointment and view your medical file.

Our Services

SMC offer a wide range of primary health care services & medical checkups in additional to support services and programs to maintain healthy life and include executive check-up programs , and approved tests for marriage , driving license , employment, and weapon holding permits.

Home Health Care

Home Health Care provide high-quality health care to the patient at his home through an integrated team that has experience and skill in diagnosing and treating patients in all medical specialties.

Virtual Consultation

Access specialist medical care with a consultant doctor from your home through our online video consultations. Our doctor will listen to you carefully, taking into account your condition and previous medical history to help diagnose and recommend the best treatment. Download our mobile application to request a variety of Home Health Services

The Specialized Medical Center is committed to the delivery of a high quality, patient-focused service in a safe, equitable and efficient manner. We aim to provide a quality service on an inpatient, day care and out-patient basis to the optimum levels possible within the available resources.

Medical Advice

About Us

Specialized Medical Center Hospitals over the years have evolved to become a SYMBOL OF TRUST in the Kingdom. Located on 2 main roads in the capital of Saudi Arabia Riyadh (King Fahad Road and King Abdullah Road), Specialized Medical Center Hospitals have become one of the modern healthcare landmarks in the Kingdom since its inception in 1999. Specialized Medical Center Hospitals consist of over 600 inpatient beds and over 250 outpatient clinics that are served by a dedicated and highly qualified international team of over 500 full time physicians and 2,500 paramedical and support staff. Over the years, we have been consistently successful in making available all types of treatments to patients with the highest standards of comprehensive health care. We have built a sound foundation to remain in the forefront of the Health Care Sector in the region . SMC is an accredited academic & training reference in the Kingdom .

Our Mission

SMC is dedicated to improve the health of the community we serve by delivering quality and value-priced healthcare services.

Our History

SMCH started with 50 Clinics, 50 Beds and 90 Physicians in 1st Phase along with more

Our Vision

To be a regional provider for excellence and innovation in the delivery of health care and patient safety, continuously improving the quality of services and patient care experience

Our Message

-To provide participant’s opportunities for education and ongoing training more